Family Tech: Easily manage what sites your kids see with Glubble

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Finally I have come across something to write about that truly talks to my site motto “where technology and fatherhood collide.” It is not very often that I can write about a new service or piece of software that can help a family. Computers are now as common as TVs and now kids have computers in their rooms, at schools, at friends houses, at libraries, etc. I’m sure that someone will say, the best protection for your kids on surfing the Internet is direct supervision, and I wholeheartedly agree. However, this is a difficult task to consistently do, so sometimes …

PC: Nice blogging software from Microsoft – Windows Live Writer

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I’m writing this using Microsoft’s latest beta of their blogging software called “Windows Live Writer“. There are lots of ways to do blog posts out there, from using the built-in blogging tools, to using Word 2007, to using programs like Ecto. All have advantages and disadvantages, unique and common features. Now I will add Windows Live Writer into the mix. From the get-go, it was very straight forward to installed (even asked to install other Microsoft products like Windows Search). The wizard walking you through a Blog Account setup was easy to do and worked immediately for me using my …

Mac: Launch applications quickly with “Namely”

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I’m sure that many of you have already heard of QuickSilver which is one of the most powerful, free, “finder-replacement” tools out there. QS is simply amazing in letting you quickly launch programs, execute tasks, find documents…all with keyboard commands. No need to dig through hundreds upon hundreds of folders and applications to find something, just hit the hotkey and start typing the name of the file or application or person or whatever and QS can launch, open, reveal, get info, etc. on it. Well for me, I found myself just launching applications all of the time and not really …

First Look: Safari 3 for Windows/Mac

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While the announcements at the WWDC 2007 (Worldwide Developers Conference) in my opinion, lacked some things (e.g., new hardware announcements), the information about the up coming Leopard OS (due in October ’07) did have me drooling a bit. And, Apple has started to extend its reach into the Windows arena similar to how they did with QuickTime and then iTunes. There is now a public beta of Safari 3, the next iteration of the Apple browser. I must say that the PC version of Safari does move pretty quickly. It is consistent with the previous Mac-only versions with very little …

Fix-it: How to remove a document stuck in your Printer Queue

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Recently when I was setting up a client’s computer with Windows Printer Sharing, I ran into an issue where a document was stuck in the print queue and was brining the system down to a crawl. First I tried deleting the document from the queue the “traditional” way by opening “Printers and Faxes” and launching the stuck printer and right-clicking the document name and selecting “cancel.” With that process, the document was stuck in cancel-mode for hours and obviously didn’t work. I found the process for fully deleting the document from the queue and the steps are listed below: Launch …

What HighTechDad wants for Father’s Day

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I’m taking a side-step here away from my usual software and hardware posts to talk about something dear to my heart…selfishly enough, Father’s Day! I already have the best 3 gifts I could ever want, three wonderful daughters! Who could ask for more than that? Not me! So why this post then? Well, the other things that Dads want are usually something fun (e.g., high tech toys, gadgets, car stuff, music, sports equipment, tools, BBQ stuff…) So, I thought that I would start a list (somewhat personal) of things that I would want! (If you want my mailing address, I … makes me happy with NEW macintosh remote control

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Looks like has finally won my heart. For several months, I have been looking for a cross-platform solution to manage both PC’s and Mac’s. Until now, all of my PC work has been with LogMeIn and all of my Mac work has been in a state of trial (but swinging towards which I still really like). I tried but it just seemed a bit too raw for me and didn’t work that well. I had kept hoping that LogMeIn would come out with support for Mac and, today, they announced a Preview Release. I currently do remote …