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March 2011

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If you haven’t heard of the Angry Birds mobile game by Rovio, then you probably don’t have kids, don’t have a cell phone, or simply don’t really care about gaming in general. But if you have, then you know how addictive it is to play and how successful it has been as a multi-platform game. It is currently the #1 paid mobile gaming app pretty much across the world. Recently, even NPR ran a story about the latest iteration in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio.

And, I’m giving away 2 – $15 iTunes App Gift Store Cards to let YOU play with the new Angry Birds Rio. Read on for details.


The concept behind Angry Birds is pretty simple. They are angry because some pigs have stolen their eggs. So how do the birds get the eggs back? By simply flinging themselves at the structures where the pigs are housed…and you are the one doing the flinging. Using the touchscreen on your mobile phone, you pull them back on a slingshot and fling them at the pigs. The birds have various capabilities as well. There are the regular red birds who don’t do anything special, there are the yellow pointy ones that when they are in the air and you touch the screen they accelerate towards their target. There is a white one that, when you touch the screen when they are in the air, lays and exploding egg. There are black ones that explode. There is a toucan that flies like a boomerang when you touch the screen, and there is a big fat red bird that crushes everything in its path. There is a little blue one that splits into three birds when you touch the screen and then you can buy the golden eagle if you ever get stuck on a level. The houses that the pigs hide in are made of wood, ice, stone and a variety of other objects. And each level is craftily put together to challenge you to use the appropriate bird in the right way with the correct physics. I own both the original version and the Seasons version (which has new levels for different holidays). It’s truly highly addictive.


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I absolutely LOVE infographics! I almost view them as a form of art (coupled with some marketing spin). And, I love the iPhone (being pretty much an Apple “fan boy”), ok, well, I love technology in general, obviously. The folks over at (a French technology blog) put together a really GREAT infographic that rounds up all of the iPhone 5 rumors that are floating around out there. With obvious things like having an A5 Processor to really wild options like a Physical Keyboard, the NowhereElse guys have it all included in the infographic. So, I figured I would go through each of these rumors and give them my own prediction.

Here is the NowhereElse infographic on The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup (source is their post here):


Pretty nice, no? I thought so!

HighTechDad’s Analysis of the Rumors

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it out Austin, TX…some day, I do hope to partake in the madness that is South-by-SouthWest (SXSW). Heck, I only this year made it to CES for the first time! But 2/5ths of the Cast of Dads, C.C. Chapman and Jeff Sass, did make it out to SXSW, and joined Brad Powell right in Brad’s Texas “backyard.”


Also, we will be launching our first ever Cast of Dads giveaway, sponsored by Intel. Be sure to listen to upcoming podcasts to learn how you could win a Dell Inspiron Duo! Note: we are always looking for sponsors!

If you have about 25 minutes to spare, you might want to watch Brad, CC and Jeff have some pretty witty and interesting banter! The video is also on the Cast of Dads website.

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Just yesterday I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to split myself into multiple fragments, each part commissioned to do something else. One would go to work, one would help get my kids to school, one would catch up on all of the “honey do” items around the house, one would spend time with my wife and one would probably just sleep. Now THAT would be efficient. However, when it comes to your computer, fragmenting your work files or other data is actually quite INefficient.

When you get a new Windows computer, is pretty clean (unless the manufacturer has loaded it up with a bunch of useless software trials that you subsequently uninstall). Once you start using you computer, you actually start degrading its performance, whether it be installing or uninstalling applications, adding or working on documents, or simply just browsing the web or downloading email. As you use it, more data is written to the hard drive, making it become fragmented and inefficient. Most people don’t even think about defragmenting their hard drive or perhaps they do once and a while. One of the best things that you can do to increase the performance of your Windows computer apart from putting more RAM into your computer is to defragment your hard drives.

I like to explain fragmentation like this. Think of a library that houses thousands of books. These books are your applications or documents or media files. When you first start using your computer, you essentially take books off of the shelf read them and then put them back. At least, this is how you begin. Over time, the process changes. Now, when you take a book off the shelf, you rip it into sections and then put the individual sections in different parts of the library. Then when you want to go back to that book, you have to run around to different areas of the library and put the book back together to read or use it. The more books you read, the more divided up your library becomes and the more out of breath you get running around trying to simply read a book. That is how your computer becomes over time. It inefficiently races around trying to get all of your data.


This week, Diskeeper Corporation released their latest version of their defragmentation software for Windows called Diskeeper 2011. They actually call it “data performance software” for the exact reasons I mention above. The new version of Diskeeper has many different versions: [click to continue…]


Epson’s Top of the Line WorkForce 840 All-in-One Inkjet Printer – Value & Performance in One Package

March 21, 2011

About 4 months ago, I did a review of the Epson WorkForce 635 which I was quite impressed with, and before that, I had a some experience with the WorkForce 610 which I believed to be a nice entry-level inkjet printer for families or a small business. I really like the WorkForce 635 and am […]

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How To Resolve Error 29 on the iPhone 3GS: Update Error Caused by Battery Replacement – CONFIRMED

March 18, 2011

This past weekend, I tried to upgrade my old iPhone 3GS to the latest version of iOS (version 4.3). Unfortunately during the upgrade process, I ran into a “little” issue, that of the fact that my iPhone 3GS got stuck in a recovery loop and kept failing during the upgrade/update process with an Error Code […]

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IMPORTANT: Enable SSL on your Social Media Accounts NOW! – Twitter and Facebook

March 16, 2011

As hacking into people’s accounts has become a “clear and present danger“, it’s important to note TWO quick and easy configuration settings that you can now enable within both Facebook and now Twitter that can make your Social Media account just a bit more secure. While it won’t protect you from other types of hack […]

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WARNING: Do NOT Upgrade Your iPhone 3GS to a Newer iOS if you have Replaced Your Battery! Error 29 Issues Caused by Battery

March 13, 2011

With all of the hype that the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 currently going on, you might have missed this news. I (and others) have encountered a rather bad issue (Error 29) when trying to upgrade an iPhone 3GS’s iOS to a later version. It seem that is related to previous versions of […]

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