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My family and I headed down to Disneyland a few weeks ago. It was to reward my kids for a successful year at school and a way for all of us as a family to do something together before we splintered off in different directions during the summer and even the coming years. So, I figured it would be good to write one of those “Tips” or “Did You Know…” or “How To..” or “Disneyland Secrets” articles about visiting the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland. But as my kids and I started doing research prior to our trip, we realized that there weren’t any secrets left, or at least none that hadn’t been covered a million times over. That got me thinking about something else…if there are no secrets or surprises, could the Magic Kingdom still be magical for everyone?


As people get older, they move from the innocence and excitement of being a kid to the jaded, cautiousness of being an adult. Not everyone, mind you. It’s a choice that you make. But adults and kids look at Disneyland with different lenses. For kids, breaking through to the imaginative and magical memories of Disney content they have seen elsewhere is easy. But to get through the layers of “reality” built up over time in adults is much more difficult. For example, I simply thought about how darn expensive the whole trip would be. And it wasn’t until I was immersed in the Magic Kingdom experience did that layer melt away.


I think for little kids who are enchanted by princesses or other Disney and Pixar characters, there is lots magic to be found. In my mind, these are the easy targets, the ones where a simple smile by a costumed princess can be the highlight of the trip. Sort of a funny anecdote here, about a week or so after our trip to Disneyland, we were sharing a bench and table outside of our local Home Depot. Across from us was a family with 3 cute, young boys, the oldest being about 6 years old. Our conversation, for some reason, turned to how we were both at Disneyland at the same time the week prior. One of the boys kept saying “Mickey Mouse is real! I saw him!” It’s not just the princesses that make an impact.

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I usually write about technology and gadgets. Anything bright and shiny really gets my attention, so much so, that I have little to no time to read books as most of my reading is confined to trade publications and articles. My children, however, especially my youngest daughter seem to LOVE reading, which is exciting. However, I just got my hands on an advanced copy of new book coming out soon by Scholastic as part of a new series called “Scholastic Discover More.” The book that caught my attention in particular was one called “Technology – How today’s technology really works” by Clive Gifford.


Targeted towards the “Expert Reader” (ages 9-13), the “Technology” book actually was one of the first books that I have picked up and “read” in quite a long time. I put “read” in quotes because it is actually more of an advanced picture book than a book of literature. However, that doesn’t mean that it is better or worse in any way. In fact, the book is not only engaging, but it is truly educational. And, as with books about any type of technology, I would have thought that it would be instantly out of date. In fact, it is pretty current and discusses and breaks down the latest technology trends in easy to understand examples (complete with bright and shiny pictures as well). And, to top it off, each book comes with a unique code that allows you to download a digital companion to it.


The structure of the “Technology” book is unique. For starters, it is broken up in to chapters around certain subjects and within each subject are sub-sections. The primary sections (and some of the sub-sections – I did not list all of them) are: [click to continue…]


You gotta love unscripted recordings. And how we are all at the beck & call of technology. During our live podcast, Skype decided to act like a misbehaving child and refused to let us talk. But we worked through this and just kept going with a fairly “loaded” series of topics. The result is Cast of Dads Podcast #33 “State Fairs & Skype Burps“.


Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.

The Cast of Dads Podcast #33 discussed a few of the questions below:

  • Can a car sitting in a parking lot be more dangerous than on the road?
  • What is the best way to buy a new car?
  • Is there really a Diaper Conspiracy?
  • What do you teach your kids about bullying?
  • What is Brad really good at putting in his mouth and blowing? (HAHA)

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