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Parents Be Warned! is a Dangerous & Deadly Social Site for Teens & Tweens

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Back in 2012, I wrote about some potential dangers surrounding the Instagram and Kik Messenger combination. By now, hopefully many parents know what to look for and how to combat this social danger. Recently, I started to investigate a new social danger for kids, specifically which actually has a few documented teen suicides attributed to the service. Interestingly, it was my teenager and my wife that introduced me to My teen wanted to join and my wife said absolutely not! Before I go into this social danger, I do want to point out that I am an avid …

10 Ideas for Facebook Parental Controls and What You Can Do Until They Are There

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Facebook needs parental controls – although I will bet that if you ask kids between the ages of 13 and 16, they would say that it definitely does NOT need ANY type of parental control whatsoever. But, being a parent and a bit of a social media junkie, I know that something is definitely needed. Children are simply too young to understand the dangers of having a social presence. It is fun when things are going great, but as soon as social bullying rears its ugly head, it can be devastating to your kids. Not only that, but, like video …

Cougars, Cars, Dirty Diapers, Fighting & Shooting Pool with a Rope – Cast of Dads Podcast #33

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You gotta love unscripted recordings. And how we are all at the beck & call of technology. During our live podcast, Skype decided to act like a misbehaving child and refused to let us talk. But we worked through this and just kept going with a fairly “loaded” series of topics. The result is Cast of Dads Podcast #33 “State Fairs & Skype Burps“. Note: we are always looking for sponsors! If you would like to sponsor an individual episode or a series of episodes, please do let us know.

Keep Track of your Kids through Social Media & a Cell Phone, But BE CAREFUL!

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I have always been a big proponent against the use of Social Media by children, especially when they are in elementary school. Interacting with Social Media is not something you want your kids doing at an early age, at least not until they can really understand its implications. However, as they grow older and more independent, loosening up the reigns a bit may not be that bad of a thing. More and more children are getting cell phones at an earlier and earlier age. This is a good thing in many ways in that it’s easy for them to call …

Cast of Dads: Podcast #10 – “Kids Online & How To Do It Right”

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In this tenth episode of the Cast of Dads podcast we discussed a very important topic that all parents should seriously be considering, that of educating your children about the various social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This is particularly personal to me as my oldest daughter (a “tweenager” – pre-teen) is starting to ask more about various social networking sites, AND, has pointed out that many of her 5th grade friends are already on Facebook. This is even despite the fact that Facebook and other social networking sites state that users MUST be 13 years old or older …

Cell Phones, Tweens, Texting & Conversations – Child & Family Cellular Safety Thoughts

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If you are a parent of a tween (a pre-teenager), you have probably hit the stage of your child wanting a cell phone. My wife and I broke down (or were gradually worn down) about a year ago with our oldest and she got hers when she was about 10. She wasn’t (and still isn’t) allowed to take it to school and only carries it with her when she goes to her after school activities (although she looks for any excuse possible to carry it!). It’s one of those “coming of age” things. My view of cell phones and children …

Cast of Dads: Podcast #7 – “We Were ALL Morons!”

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We got some great user feedback on some of our previous podcasts that we were geeking out a bit too much. Since we listen to our audience, in this episode, we tried to eliminate most (if not all) of the tech and focus more on being a dad and a parent. Episode #7 of the Cast of Dads podcast is called “We Were ALL Morons!” and we spent a bit of time talking about parenting issues, cyber-bullying, toys, the difference between boys and girls and a lot of other family-related topics. But, for some tech humor related to being a …