Enter @HighTechDad’s Logitech #Giveaway – Help Make a Dad Smile! #LogiSmiles

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Bring a smile to the face to that “father” figure in your life by entering the HighTechDad & Logitech #LogiSmiles Father’s Day Giveaway!

I make it a point to try to get my kids to laugh or smile every day. Some days are harder than others. Some days I laugh at them (bad, right?) and others I laugh with them. They definitely laugh at me. A lot! Bringing smiles to your kids’ faces is definitely a dad requirement. I think I got a lot of my humor from my own dad. I’m hoping to pass some of it on to my girls as well. Making your dad smile can be tough. But I, with the help of some tech goodies provided by Logitech and the Art of Shaving, might be able to give that dad or father-figure in your life a big reason to SMILE! #LogiSmiles!


HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway -

My dad always makes me smile. Whether it is telling and re-telling the same joke for decades (and still laughing at his own jokes, by the ways)…”did you know that if everyone in the world was put in a box, and the box was put in the Grand Canyon, nobody would be able to see the Grand Canyon…[pause]…they’d all be in the box!”, or just trying to publicly embarrass me when I was a kid (something I definitely try to do now to my own kids)…at the movie box office going to see Revenge of the Nerds and him asking for “Two Nerds please”…it’s the role of the dad to be goofy, silly, crack jokes and bring smiles all around.

Leave the real parenting to the moms, right?

Anyway, this article is about smiling…particularly when receiving some tech gadgets. Logitech has provided me with some tech goodies that I guarantee will bring that dad, man, brother…well, that’s a bit one-sided…just about anyone a bit of tech joy this coming Father’s Day. It’s the #LogiSmiles Father’s Day Giveaway!

I have over $700 worth of goodies that I’m giving away to ONE lucky winner! You can gift any or all of this stuff (or perhaps keep one item for yourself…haha).

HighTechDad’s #LogiSmiles Father’s Day Giveaway

Here’s what’s in the #LogiSmiles Father’s Day Giveaway package (and it’s not just Logitech stuff) with a total value of more than $700!

Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is the remote control to end all remote controls with the ability to manage multiple devices and activities. I have a full review of this remote control which goes beyond just managing A/V components but also can control various home automation devices like a thermostat or lighting or shades.

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - Harmony Elite remote

It retails for $349.99 (on Amazon for $293 currently).

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

I have used the Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse for a couple of years now and it is my go-to mouse. It has many different types of controls from a thumb wheel to scrolling to easily switching between computers. Yes, that’s right, you can configure up to 3 computers (Mac or PC) to connect and easily switch between them. It’s really comfortable, especially for users with big hands.

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - MX Master Wireless Mouse

This mouse retails for $99.99 (on Amazon for $77.95 right now).

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Surround Sound Gaming Headset

I only got my hands on this headset only a couple of days ago and have been playing around with it a bit. It now has become my night-time headset for watching TV in bed (so I don’t wake up the wife). But soon, I plan on connecting it with my Xbox 360 to test that out. It has some pretty crazy lighting configurations. When connected and configured with a gaming PC, you can get 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound. You can even connect multiple audio sources like having your mobile phone connected while you game so you can have the multiple source playing at once. And it has wireless capabilities which are super easy to set up.

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - G933 Artemis Spectrum headset

The headset retails for $199.99 (currently on Amazon for $169.99).

Logi ZeroTouch

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test this gadget out as we don’t own any Android phones in our house. This is an Android-only device which transforms your dumb-car into a smart-car. With things like voice-to-text, location sharing, voice-activated music, hands-free calling, voice navigation and reply-to messages, this gadget potentially allows you to drive much more safely.

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - ZeroTouch air vent Android phone mount

The ZeroTouch retails for $59.99 (on Amazon for $59.99 as well).

The Art of Shaving

Well, this is the one, non-tech item on the list for this giveaway. It’s a $75 gift card to The Art of Shaving. The Art of Shaving has pretty much everything someone who shaves needs or wants, from creams, pre- and after-shaves, lotions, razors, brushes, they have it all. They even have electric razors (honestly, my face just doesn’t do well with a razor blade so I do electric).

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - Art of Shaving kit

Ha, this items retails for $75 (cuz it is a gift card for $75) and guess what, it’s not available on Amazon! But take a look at their “Gifts for Dads” section if you are looking for ideas.

And Here are the Rules

There are pretty simple actually:

  • Must be 18 years old or older to enter.
  • Must be a resident of the United States.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • You must agree to my general rules posted here.

HighTechDad #LogiSmiles Father's Day Giveaway - Prizes

This giveaway will run from May 31, 2016 – June 7, 2016. There are many different ways to enter or get extra entry points.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post about what makes your dad smile or if you are a dad, what makes you smile! OPTIONAL & worth 1 entry.
  2. Tweet out about this giveaway using the giveaway widget. OPTIONAL & worth 1 entry. Can be done one time per day.
  3. Visit my Facebook page (HTDblog) and “like” it if you haven’t already. OPTIONAL & worth 1 entry.

That’s pretty much it! Just use the widget below (or on my Facebook page) to enter! Follow the rules above and be sure to share! If the winner does not respond within 24 hours after being contacted, another winner will be selected.

Enter the #LogiSmiles Giveaway

OK, it’s pretty easy to get at least 1 entry. Giveaway starts at 1:00pm Pacific Time on May 31, 2016 and ends at 1:00pm Pacific Time on June 7, 2016.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck! As a “HighTechDad,” I know that getting technology gifts for Father’s Day definitely makes me smile. Hope by winning, you bring a smile to someone else’s face!

Oh, and if you want another chance at winning, Logitech has another giveaway similar to this one on their site. (Giveaway not live yet at Logitech.)

Disclosure Text : I have a material connection because I received sample of a product or service for consideration in preparing to review the product/service and write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item after my review period. All opinions within this article are my own and are typically not subject to the editorial review from any 3rd party. Also, some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate” or “advertising” links. These may be automatically created or placed by me manually. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item (sometimes but not necessarily the product or service being reviewed), I will receive a small affiliate or advertising commission. More information can be found in my About page.

HTD says: Bring a smile to the face to that “father” figure in your life by entering the HighTechDad & Logitech #LogiSmiles Father’s Day Giveaway!

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37 Responses

  1. My Dad is no longer with us but he always smiled when people were being just plain silly. My husband loved tech stuff and would love this, he is a great dad

  2. Music makes my dad smile and seeing other happy and having fun makes him smile even more. This would have him smiling for months!

  3. My dad is always smiling at us. We’re a huge tennis family so being on the courts is when we’re all happiest.

  4. My husband is a great dad, I love watching my kids looking up to him and having fun…..my husband has all 4 of our kids into WoW lol, he travels a lot but they always spend a little time playing World of Warcraft together.

  5. Laughing and smiling always help lift me after a long day, and my son’s smile never fails to bring a smile to my face!

  6. My girls are still too young to post online about me and my wife would but probably doesn’t see the need to for “prizes”. But my little girls make me smile every day, each one in a different way! They are very opposite to each other in personality and what they like…both seem to have passions of their own very similar to mine! As I’m both an IT Engineer and avid Baseball and Hockey fan, each one shares those passions with me! My oldest is very creative and becoming one heck of a geek. She also loves baseball and we watch and play out back together! My youngest is strong, independent and bull-headed, just like her mom (nothing like me). But she loves hockey and decided she wanted to play it! Now I’m one of her coaches and we also watch it together!

    Each of my girls share different aspects of my personality and passions! I can spend time with each one individually and together without feeling like I’m more devoted to one or the other. That alone makes me feel like World’s Best Dad…and thats not tooting my own horn. My girls make it very easy for me to feel that way every day!

  7. My dad loves great food and great baseball games- guaranteed ways to make him smile!

  8. My father always smiles when he sees his grandkids. They love their poppy. My husband always smiles when our children use big words. It is actually pretty darn cute. That and coaching our boys baseball team makes my husband smile. Life is good, especially when you take the time to appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Being left alone to take a nap. I may or may not have been a bratty little kid who LOVED waking him up. :D

  10. running always makes him happy! Running with us makes him even happier :)

  11. My father loves to watch old comedies like Charlie Chaplin and WC Fields, which always makes him smile. Now I started watching them with him and they are funny!

  12. Working in his garden and spending time with his grandchildren makes my dad smile.

  13. My husband always smiles when he gets to spend time with our grandkids.

  14. Seeing both of my kids laughing and playing together always puts a smile on my face

  15. My dad smiles every sunday when we all get together as a family for dinner and great conversation.

  16. my dad smiles when he comes here to the USA- even though he’s far I know I have him to lean on

  17. Family time and seeing the joy on our kids faces bring joy to the dad in our lives, my husband.

  18. What a FANTASTIC giveaway! What makes my hubby smile is learning new tech stuff from our bright, young son. He’s always trying to “up his game” with technology.

  19. My dad smiles when he plays well at tennis. He is involved in two leagues and is very competitive!

  20. my dad makes me smile because he truly is a goof!!! He is always making funny kokes out of nothing.

  21. My dad smiles whenever he sees and spends time with my kids, because they drive him crazy all talking at once.

  22. my dad smiles when ever he sees me doing something hard like for real dad and he says no im sorry thats not what i meant im laughing with you but hes done that all my life its funny thinking about it

  23. My dad smiles after solving problems, spending time with his dogs, and playing with new gadgets.

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