Apple’s New iPad Announced and My Thoughts – Is It A Winner?

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The weeks of waiting and speculation are now over. Today, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled a new device for Apple called the “iPad.” Building upon the success of the iPhone/iPod Touch OS and the elegance of the MacBook Pro lines but with the portability of the MacBook Air, Apple reaffirmed its innovative stance within the technology arena. I followed the coverage of the announcement fairly closely, but as usual, getting information from these types of Apple Events is difficult (hint: hey Apple, next time invite me to these types of things!). As I flipped between various live-blogs as well as …

Cast of Dads: Podcast #6 – “Truckers (and others) Love Technology!”

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On Episode #6 of the Cast of Dads podcast titled “Truckers Love Technology,” we spent much of the podcast answering a question sent in by a daddy trucker (“Jokerman” by his handle). Jokerman had some questions about technology specifically from a driver’s perspective. When I think about it, I simply could not live with my daily dose of various podcasts, so I must think about those who make their living behind the wheel and how the podcast must be something of great importance. It’s cheaper than satellite radio and very targeted – you get just the particular audio content that …

Reviewing the Nokia N900 – a Smartphone with Lots of Potential

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For the past several weeks, I have been doing some on and off testing of the Nokia N900, a smart phone running on Nokia’s proprietary operating system, the Maemo 5. I personally have never been a Nokia follower and as I think back, the only Nokia device that I have owned was an old PacBell PCS cellphone from many years back. Nokia has a good reputation and following, especially in Europe, but in my opinion have had a hard time breaking into a mainstream US smartphone community due to the availability of many other smartphone devices. However, I do know …

Cast of Dads: Podcast #5 – “Guys Love Gadgets”

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This episode of the “Cast of Dads” podcast was something near and dear to my heart…GADGETS! With CES 2010 having just finished, we decided that the theme for the podcast would be gadgets and technology. Jeff Sass provided some great insight having just gotten back from CES (I covered the show remotely) but we all weighed in with differing opinions about consumer electronics, devices and technology announced at the show as well as from personal experience. Episode #5 is titled “Guys Love Gadgets” and it really seems like we could have talked a few hours on this. Unfortunately we had …

CES Coverage Remote #3: More Gadget Thoughts & News from the Day

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My coverage of CES 2010 (remotely) is starting to run out of steam. I can only imagine what the people covering it there are feeling. I must say, that c|net has done the best in terms of presenting their coverage in my opinion. I have been watching BOL (Buzz Out Loud [email protected] 2010) as well as regularly reading the “CES River“. Great job by those guys. Also, both Cali Lewis and Leo Laporte have been doing (as usual) stellar jobs at filling in the blanks. Between all of that, I almost feel like I was there…but not quite. To the …

CES Coverage Remote #2: Press Day Thoughts & Day 2 News [Update #1]

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[Updated: 01.07.10 @1:05 pm Pacific] While it is obviously not the same as being at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2010, I was able to watch quite a few of the press events over the web (probably with a better seat than most of the people attending the events in person). Also, the flood of press releases continues in my inbox (being on the press list) so I have been culling through various announcements and reviews/commentary online to find what really grabbed my attention. My first day summary can be found here. In light of some of the common …

Remote CES 2010 Coverage: Initial Thoughts & Day 1 News [UPDATE #3]

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[Updated: 01.06.10 @ 3:20 pm Pacific] I’m jealous of all of those who are able to brave the madness of gadget-hungry attendees of CES 2010 (the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show). I was able to secure a blogger press pass at the end of last year, but unfortunately due to changes in my schedule, I was unable to attend this year. Perhaps in 2011 I will attend (fingers crossed). However, just because I’m not at the show doesn’t mean that I can’t cover it. I have been receiving a steady stream of product briefs, press releases and correspondences from various …

Announcing the New HighTechDad iPhone Application

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A few weeks ago, a friend pointed out a new site to me called MotherApp. They claimed to take the pain and time lag out of creating applications for mobile devices. The MotherApp site lists three different services that they provide: Announcing the New HighTechDad iPhone Application was last modified: December 29th, 2009 by Michael Sheehan

Tech News: iPhone Ustream Live, AT&T to “Fix” SF/NYC & “Conspiracy vs. the Heavy Data User” by AT&T

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If you haven’t entered my HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway, do it NOW! It’s super easy to enter (kind of fun as well) and right now, the odds are pretty good at winning! Spread the word with friends, family and coworkers! Ustream Streams Live Video from Your iPhone 3GS “iPhone 3GS: It’s been a long time coming, but Apple’s finally approved a (notable) live video streaming app for the iPhone 3GS. Ustream is one of the first out of the gate, and it seems to deliver on its promise.” (source: LifeHacker) HTD: It wasn’t until a friend showed me this in …

Tech News: IE Hole Plugged, BitLocker Cracked, New Twitter Mobile & Bing Bombs for 1/2 Hour

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Happy Friday all! Here’s what grabbed my attention this morning in Tech News: Microsoft to plug critical IE hole targeted by exploit code “Microsoft said on Thursday that it will offer six updates for 12 vulnerabilities next week including a critical hole in Internet Explorer that affects Windows 7 and other current versions of the operating system for which exploit code has been released.” (source: cnet) HTD: I think that Microsoft is doing a great job with the weekly security patches. They seem to be fairly quickly addressing issues that crop up. However, the other side of me says why …