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The Gift of Sound for Grads, Dads, or Anyone – Review of ARCHEER A225 Bluetooth Speaker

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Everybody loves listening to music. Smartphones, computers, and other devices provide an easy means to play just about any type of audio (music or spoken) at practically any time, from local playback or streaming. But playback quality is something that many people don’t think about. Smartphone or computer speakers are usually not as good as 3rd party solutions, specific to audio playback. So, it is only logical to give the gift of quality sound to those who deserve it, whether they are loved ones, grads, dads, or even you. One device to add to your shortlist is the ARCHEER A225 Bluetooth Speaker. While I will go into some more details below, I found this nicely-priced, portable speaker to produce high-quality audio playback in a small form factor that is extremely easy to use.

ARCHEER A225 Review - speaker

The ARCHEER A225 Bluetooth speaker checks off quick a few capabilities that I would look for in a portable speaker. Specifically:

  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Has a 3.5mm auxiliary line-in port for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Has a reasonable battery life (6+ hour playback time)
  • Has audio controls built into the design
  • Can be used as a speakerphone (built-in microphone)
  • Provides crisp yet deep sound
  • Is lightweight (1 lb.)
  • Looks good

With that being said, I spent some time with the ARCHEER A225 and wanted to go into some of the details on the form, design, and function of this Bluetooth speaker.

Understanding the ARCHEER A225 portable speaker

A few months ago, I reviewed another speaker from ARCHEER, specifically the A320, which my kids truly enjoy. With its elegant design and powerful bass, our family really likes the A320. The ARCHEER A225 is a slightly different product. It weighs a lot less and is a lot more portable, for example. And it is less expensive.

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The initial setup is similar. You simply pair your device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) via Bluetooth. For me, I simply turned on the A225 (it did arrive in the box charged) and I went to my iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and the A225 showed as an unpaired device. I selected it in the settings and the A225 simply connected. By the way, the A225, which has the power button on the bottom, has an elegant startup/shutdown chime.

Once the ARCHEER A225 is connected, playback is simple and controls equally so. You can, like with most Bluetooth speakers, simply use your device to control playback (play, pause, skip, rewind, adjust volume, etc.). But, the A225 offers something more. Built into the design are controls that let you do many of these items. When the A225 is on, the top ring not only lights up but also allows you to skip forward/backward as well as adjust the volume.

ARCHEER A225 Review - top control ring

For skipping forward or backward during playback, you simply slide your finger right or left on the top. To adjust volume up or down, you physically twist a ring on the top of the A225. (Note: the skipping function will not work if you are playing back from an auxiliary-connected device, only Bluetooth.)

On the bottom of the ARCHEER A225, there is the power button. This button has numerous function: power, answer (a call), play, and pause. To be honest, this is one of a couple of things that I would change in the next version. It would keep the power button on the bottom. That makes sense. However, I would have a separate button for Play/Pause on the top. And even have the Answer button as part of that as well. To answer a call, you press the on/off button. To reject a call, press the on/off button twice. To turn on/off the A225, press the power button for a longer time until you hear the chime.

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ARCHEER A225 Review - bottom button

Let’s talk about sound. For a small, lightweight, and portable speaker, the A225 does a pretty decent job. At low volumes, it’s a solid performer. At higher (highest) volume – let’s think about kids blasting music here – it does a pretty good job. I do wish the bass was a bit more solid, especially when I compare the playback with its larger sibling, the A320. But remember, the A320 has a bigger sub. That being said, as a portable and lightweight speaker, the A225 definitely performs quite well.

Built into the speaker is a 2000 mAh Li-on battery which is easily charged via a micro-USB cable (included – but no plug is included). Charge time is about 4 hours. As I mentioned, playback time is 6+ hours. However, the louder you play your music, the faster the battery is drained. (Remember to tell you kids this fact!)

ARCHEER A225 Review - what's in the box

Also, in terms of playback, it is important to note that the A225’s speaker design is to provide a 360-degree “surround” sound experience. I put “surround” in quotes to clarify this is not truly surround sound (like 5.1). Yes, it will provide stereo sound. And since the speakers wrap around the device, sound is projected in all directions to fill an environment. But don’t expect true surround sound. It is immersive enough though.

Next, let’s talk about the physical design. While I absolutely love the A320 (the other ARCHEER speaker that I reviewed earlier) because of the bamboo wood, the A225 also provides a nice design aspect, albeit, different. There is no wood here. It is a cylinder wrapped in a grayish fabric. It is a bit more modern looking (I do wish there were other fabric color options) than the A320, but it seemed to fit in nicely in my kids’ rooms.

Lastly, I need to mention the price of the ARCHEER A225. This is where the A225 absolutely excels, especially if you are thinking about giving this speaker as a gift. Originally, MSRP is $65.99 which isn’t all that bad. However, on the ARCHEER site, it is listed now at $35.99. And, on Amazon, the price is listed at $35.99 as well, and for Amazon Prime members, has free shipping (even free 1-day shipping potentially). It is truly hard to NOT pick up one or more A225s as gifts or for yourself.

ARCHEER A225 Review - boxed up

Disclosure Text: I have a material connection because I received a gift, sample of a product or service, and/or monetary compensation for consideration in preparing to review the product/service and write this content. I was/am not expected to return this item or gift after my review period. All opinions within this article are my own and are typically not subject to the editorial review from any 3rd party. Also, some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate” or “advertising” links. These may be automatically created or placed by me manually. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item (sometimes but not necessarily the product or service being reviewed), I will receive a small affiliate or advertising commission. More information can be found on my About page.

HTD says: Looking for a great portable, good sounding, Bluetooth speakers for a gift or even for yourself? The inexpensive yet nicely designed ARCHEER A225 checks off pretty much all of the requirements, bringing immersive sound anywhere you need it.

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  • Price Point

  • Features



Looking for a great portable, good sounding, Bluetooth speakers for a gift or even for yourself? The inexpensive yet nicely designed ARCHEER A225 checks off pretty much all of the requirements, bringing immersive sound anywhere you need it. Once the A225 is set up, which is incredibly easy to do, the playback and control are equally as easy. This is a perfect portable Bluetooth speaker to give as a gift, given the incredibly low price point. And the A225 can be moved around easily, given that it only weights 1 lb.


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