Cobras are 4-0!

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Another good game for my daughter’s soccer team, the Cobras! This was one of the closer games with the talent of both sides being fairly balanced. However, the Cobras were able to pull out another victory! I actually tried to document the game. Here is one of the warm-up highlights! Cobras are 4-0! was last modified: October 2nd, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Understanding Phishing Scams…first hand!

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This is my PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the week and it is about something pretty scary…Phishing Scams. Several years ago, I was a victim of identity theft. It was not a pleasant experience but it left me wiser and more cautious. It was done the old fashioned way of swiping some receipts and looking up some account information (local retailer). Nowadays, identity thieves have become much better in their “art.” I have first hand experience now…but I wasn’t a victim. So, here is what happened, I received the following email: It looked much more legit than others that I …

MORE Apple Support madness!!!

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So…the madness continues. After all of the fun as outlined here and here, and thinking that “all was well” when I received the laptop package yesterday…all hopes were shattered when I started reading the form letter in the repair box! The words “RETURN: CUSTOMER DECLINED REPAIR” jumped out at me and I wanted to cry. Quickly booting up my “fixed” laptop, I found that it was not fixed, just as the letter said. I had one hour before they closed to call Apple Care to find out what was going on. I called the numbers listed (800-APL-CARE)…tried the path through …

Newly added function…”Read the rest this post >>”

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I found that my posts were getting really long (I guess I have a lot to say). So in order to save the lives of a few scrollbars, I added a function that only shows the first paragraph of the article. So, be sure that you look for (and click on) the “Read the rest of this post >>” link under each post. Hope that helps the usability! Newly added function…”Read the rest this post >>” was last modified: September 27th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Voice call hangups after 4 minutes on Tmobile MDA/HTC Wizard

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I figured that I would post this little bit of mobile phone tweaking for any users who may be searching for a solution to the following issue. Ever since I upgraded my Tmobile MDA to the “latest and greatest” rom (v 2.26), I have been plagued with dropping calls after 4 minutes. It was definitely a bug that I had encountered and it was driving me INSANE! Well, digging through HowardForums, XDA-developers and SBSH’s forums, I believe that I found the solution. I thought that I would share both the commentary on the fix as well as the .CAB file …

Watch out Windows Live…here comes Netvibes!

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I was browsing my referral stats on Google Analytics and I saw a domain called show up. Of course, that piqued my interest so I started some research on this. Well, I must say that I was impressed! This is a clear cut example of a Web 2.0 type of site. (What is Web 2.0? Take a look at Wikipedia’s definition.) While Windows Live has a similar type of style (tabs where you can add content, feeds, gadgets, etc), I personally believe that Netvibes did it better. They heavily rely on AJAX to allow you to drag and drop …

Evaluating two Open Source Apps: Vanilla Forum & CraftySyntax

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First one that I was looking at was Vanilla forums by Lussumo. What I was looking for was a forum that was different from all of the others out there. A looong time ago, I played with SnitzForums and phpBB. They seem to be ok, full featured, highly configurable…there are many others out there but they all look the same. Then a few months ago, I stumbled across Vanilla. They are currently at a 1.0.1 release. What I really like about it is its simplicity and clean elegance. It is extendable with user-developed add-ons and fully compliant to the major …

Race for the Cure!

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My wonderful wife did a wonderful thing. About a week ago, she decided that she would do the Race for the Cure (The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation race in San Francisco). She has been working out for a long time but this time decided to do it for the good of others. Driven by various events, including a recent neighbor diagnosis, she decided to ask for sponsorship and did the 16th annual run today! She raised (as of this writing) $1,280.00 in sponsorship (above her $1000 goal)! The race went well (she actually ran in the timed, not …

Go Cobras!

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My oldest daughter, Natasha, is a member the Cobras of LMYA Soccer. They are currently 3-0 and looking really solid! I’m so proud of my little soccer player! She is showing a lot of promise and talent! Go Cobras! was last modified: September 27th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

A happy ending to the Apple Support Vicious Circle

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Well, I didn’t think it would happen…but it did. Finally, I was able to talk to someone live…after being on hold for 35 minutes. This time, when I went through the SAME status line, there was an option to talk to a representative. So, I got that option, was on hold then, nicely, pleaded my case to the rep. I have found through experience that if you act calmly and nicely, yet articulate and clearly present your case without yelling or screaming, you have better success (than being belligerent). The support guy read through the file history…lots of “Ok’s” and …

Stuck in a vicious Apple support circle

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Ok, I just have to vent for a bit here…but first I want to say that I have always loved Macs and Apple computer…I endorse them, support them, fix them and use them. I’m encouraged with their recent decisions, intel chip, dual boot, fun with Parallels, etc. Wish I could get a new Intel-based one….some day. But I digress… Here’s the background of my “hellish” support issue with Apple. I was reading the Apple Support site trying to figure out if one of my 2 G4 laptops were affected by the battery recall (1 yes, 1 no). Then I read …

Cookie Monster killed my Safari

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Over the past few days, I had been having issues with Safari simply crashing every time that I launched it. No matter what I did (Disk Repair, Repair Permissions, etc.), I was unable to correct. I had to resort to using Firefox (which I actually now kind of like a bit better). So, on a whim, I posted to the User Discussion groups on the Apple Support page and within a day, I got an answer that seems to have worked. So, I figured that I would share it, in case anyone else is encountering similar issues. No promises though …

Fun with OpenSource

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Some interesting opensource items that I have been playing with: JitterBit Integration Server – pretty nice stand alone integration server with various types of hooks activeCollab – a flat out opensource “attack” at BaseCamp SugarCRM – an extremely solid implementation of a CRM solution (although I’m slammed with a upgrade error due to my hosting provider having an old version of mySQL) Cerberus Helpdesk – very nice HelpDesk solutions. Great for a small biz (free license). I use it Owl KnowledgeBase – nice document management system but I need to dig down on its features more KnowledgebasePublisher – great KnowledgeBase …

Trying to re-engage…

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I’m trying to see if I can get back to doing more things with this blog…life always throws you in different directions. Since the last post about Anti-Spyware software, I have been busy evaluating all sorts of different technologies and software (including the fact that I’m using a Firefox Extension called Performancing to post to this blog).Stay tuned…more fun to come!!! Trying to re-engage… was last modified: September 20th, 2006 by Michael Sheehan

Anti-Spyware Tools (recommended)

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There are two anti-spyware tools that are free that I recommend all Windows users install: Spybot Search & Destroy SpywareBlaster Both of these tools are free, however, you need to be diligent in terms of updating their “definitions” regularly (part of the price of using “freeware” tools). I usually go to one of my favorite Windows program sites called MajorGeeks to get the latest versions of Shareware/Commercial/Freeware programs. I have linked the two programs above to their associated listings on MajorGeeks (if the links do not work, just go to MajorGeeks and search for those programs). Anti-Spyware Tools (recommended) was …